Darcs in Hudson/Jenkins CI

15. February 2011 • edited 26. May 2020

At work we’re using heavily the DVCS Darcs. Beyond dispute Darcs is in my opinion a good and suitable workhorse. Ok, it’s not that hip like Git is. But the biggest drawback is the lack of integration in other tools like IDEs, issue trackers, build tools etc. There is also no SCM integration for Hudson/Jenkins continuous integration server, which we’re using at work, too.

Long time I were complaining about this bad integration like others, too. Now I considered to give the community something back and decided to write a Darcs SCM plugin for the Jenkins CI.

The plugin is in a stage it still works and I would call it an alpha release (0.3.1). You can watch the project status here. It implements the base functionality for checking out a Darcs repository and tracks the patches as build change sets. Also it integrates Darcsweb and Darcsden for code browsing.

Todos for further versions are:

  • write more unit tests
    • DarcsSaxHandler/DarcsChangelogParser tests
    • BrowserChooser
  • input validation for code browsers URL
  • implement polling support
  • use org.jenkinsci.plugins as namespace
  • write more javadoc
  • improving the change set index view

If you want to join the project you can fork me on Github.

Many thanks to Rob Petti, Jesse Farinacci, the developers of the Bazaar, TFS, Git, SVN and Perforce plugins. And last but not least all in #darcs and #jenkins IRC channels on freenode which helped me with good advices developing this plugin.

Published under the THE BEER-WARE LICENSE.
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